Michael Peters

Hey All,
A little introduction… I was lucky to have grown up in the vineyards of Alexander and Russian River Valleys. By the age of 12, I was driving a tractor and working the vineyards with my father and grandfather. Along with the Four generations of family farming that preceded me, I found my passion to be in the winery. An Enology and Chemistry Degree from Fresno State would be the building blocks for me to dive in to a blessed life of winemaking and a journey around the world!
I have been very fortunate to work with some of the most passionate winemakers and visionary people in the industry. I have spent 20+ years making wine at Sonoma Creek Winery, Rombauer, Frank Family Vineyards and Quivira to name a few. After seeing the level of exceptional quality of wines being produced, including a string of 90-94 point wines, my goal was to make wines that would be placed among the elite. Hence my winery, Kasuari Wines was born with the desire to find great vineyards and make wines from them!
The Castillo’s!! A family of driven, artistic and passionate people tackling the challenging world of winemaking AND grape growing!! Two completely different disciplines, neither for the faint of heart. As an advisor to Nate (Wine Maker & Super Sommelier) and Jess (or Jack of all trades), we strive to weave the fabric of a talented family, coupled with their passion, into a legacy of making great wines that will be compared to the best wines of the world!! We are in the early days of crafting the terroir of the Shire to take advantage of the best that the Santa Clara Valley has to offer!
Enjoy the Wine!!!
Michael Peters

Castillos Winery & Vineyard Morgan Hill, California